2020 – Design it is!

January 24, 2020

2020 is going to be an amazing year and has started with me introducing my new brand design services that will elevate my business in a new direction. Yes, I’m back in my office after a lovely break and bursting with excitement at how my business has evolved. So much has happened to date, so much to talk about, so much to catch up on, so I am going to try my best to be intentional and first reflect on my year just gone that has steered me to now being able to purposefully share my new brand design services.

Year in review

Last year was hard in so many ways, I remember coming back from holiday feeling depleted, low in energy and questioning what was happening to my body after having time to relax. I struggled to get through a full day’s work. To get answers I sought out numerous specialists who diagnosed me with all sorts of health concerns from having an underactive thyroid, oestrogen dominance, low progesterone, low testosterone, low DHEA, Sibo, mould and copper toxicity, numerous food intolerances, narcolepsy, gut issues, secondary hyperparathyroidism, amongst others. I had reached a point of overwhelm, and I was quickly putting on weight that was making my commitment to exercise and diet feel like a waste of time. For the first half of the year, I gave into the overwhelm and dabbled with various treatments and ultimately lost focus with what was actually wrong with me. All this focus on my health sent me into hiding, and I stopped posting on social media and building relationships with my followers. I felt I could not show up feeling like the energised happy person I wanted to be.

My home set up had also changed with my son had left home to study at the University of Tennessee, our 5-bedroom home in the suburbs was awkwardly quiet and I needed something to change. I was ready for a lifestyle change that would hopefully give me the impetus to make the personal health changes I needed. We subsequently sold our house in April and moved to the beaches but were only able to move into our new home in June. Being homeless for a couple of weeks prompted us to book a trip to the states to visit our son which also coincided with my husband having to take a business trip to work in Boston. After our trip, we eventually settled into our new home near beautiful Manly, just a ferry ride from the city of Sydney, and it has been well worth it. The beach and café lifestyle has been a welcome change.

After a month in our new home, and the excitement with my new lifestyle, I revisited my health and decided to commit to working with a naturopath and nutritionist who focused predominately on balancing women’s hormones and nutritional needs. It was the support I needed, and after 3 months I noticed some of the above issues disappearing. My diet subsequently changed to being pre-dominantly pescatarian (purely by choice and intuition with what made me feel better) and my choice of exercise has become predominantly yoga with weight training! No more caffeine, dairy, and wine that I thought I could not do without. My health is still a work in progress, but I have a baseline and more energy with how to manage my symptoms going forward.

In the following months, the focus was back on my business and I committed to working with 3 inspiring women who shaped the trajectory of my business.

My first decision was completing a 12-week Zen Coaching program with the lovely Debbie Pask, a performance coach who supports business owners in becoming more Zenful in their working life by cultivating the headspace and heart-space needed to perform at their best. Not only did I come away with some invaluable coaching tools but using these tools on myself opened my eyes to a part of myself I had kept hidden. My shadow superpower! The designer! I had been suppressing every opportunity I was being given to be the designer I once knew.

The other decision was working with the inspirational Sophie Musumeci a business strategist and relationship coach, who supported me to map out my business with the changes I was needing to make, I finally had a framework to build on.

Lastly was working with the amazingly talented Fiona Humberstone AKA ‘The Brand Stylist’, an inspiring brand consultant, author and visionary entrepreneur. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, with moving towards wanting to introduce brand design into my business.  The program “Elevate” a seven-week mentoring program for brand designers committed to excellence and ready to take themselves, their business and their brand design seriously. The knowledge I acquired with understanding the power of intentional design, colour psychology and owning my unique style has shaped the way I think going forwards and undoubtedly my confidence has grown with the difference I can make as a designer.

What is clear is that I love working with bold hearted visionary business owners from the hospitality, wellness and lifestyle sectors who want a standout intentional brand that connects with more meaning, soul and style so they can make an impact and be profitable. I am committed and passionate to get you out there in a more magnificent way than you could ever imagine!

The essence of my brand is to help you TO BE SEEN and TO BE HEARD, with more passion, style, creativity, and beauty. I want to inspire connection and I want you to feel understood. Branding done well has the ability to set your business apart. The fun for me and why I do what I do is seeing your excitement at finally realising your vision and the impact you can make.

To find out more about working together,  click here   https://juliacartwright.com/brand-design-packages/

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