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Where beautiful intuitive brand designs are created for spirited women whose distinctive style is an expression of their individuality. Women who have a quiet inner knowledge and strength and know they can rely on themselves to handle whatever comes up. They say what they mean. They celebrate others and themselves too. They know where to go to grow. They listen and pay attention to others. They use positive words in their conversations to build themselves and others up.

"Brand Strategy" & "Brand Design"
for Property & Interior brands.


I create Brands that are more than just a visual representation. I delve into a combination of strategy and design. I believe brand strategy has the power to amplify a business amongst its competitors. Through taking “what you do” and “how you do it” to an elevated level. A level that can only be achieved through focusing with clarity on what your key message is and how best it can be bought to life with the thought and care that it deserves.

For the past 30 years, Julia has immersed herself in the Design and styling world, first clothes and product design, then homes and brand design. Julia’s design training began with fashion and designing ranges that included labels such as Pierre Cardin, Patrick Ewing, and the New York Knicks, where her focus was predominantly on clothing design, brand creation, and marketing collateral.

Julia later transitioned into working as an interior designer, opening her own business. After an international move to Australia, she immersed herself into the world of study, furthering her knowledge with colour and design. A change in pace led to a position within an interior design college, managing the interior design department and the development of their new online interior design courses.

Missing the freedom and independence she had as a business owner, she took the leap to start something of her own. Everything she had been working on has prepared her for the business she now loves. Her depth of understanding of the interiors and property sectors has made the decision to niche an easy one. 

Founder & CEO

Julia Cartwright

Bringing Your Vision To Life


Creating the right vision that makes the right impact, is about getting absolute clarity. To do this we will get clear with what your incredible vision looks like first before jumping ahead into creating a logo so you are able to succeed with a brand that has more meaning and style.

In people over profit

we believe

Supporting others to build a deeper connection with how this can show up in their business and life with more beauty and style.

what I value

Thoughtfully Curated

I take the time to craft an exquisite service with personal touches. I constantly elevate my skills so that I can take everything to the next level with simple sophistication. I am focused on creating intentional designs that authentically position brands to connect at a commercial level .


I will go the extra mile to help you to feel valued and involved. It's about human to human connection, in an authentic and genuine way. Being relatable, and sharing our stories. Through great communication we enjoy great relationships and get the best results. 


Through my own personal experiences and growth together with my natural intuitive ability I will guide you on a journey that will transform the way you see your business. Inspiring you to triumph with a business that makes an impact and a difference.

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