Does the word “Luxury” feel like high maintenance?

November 28, 2016

I have many stories around feeling deserving of luxury, but the ones that have the most impact on me, are the ones that go way back… Right back to making that decision with what dress I should wear to my school dance, and to the clothes I had my eye on as soon as fashion trends came onto my radar.

Mum and dad were always on a very strict budget, as surplus funds for beautiful dresses and trendy fashion items were nonexistent. Dad worked for a retail women’s fashion label, which sounds amazing, but I would classify the label more as mature women’s wear. Dad had access to a special family discount, so when something came in that was my size, and was “Kinda” fashionable, I took it home and dressed it up to make it my own. If I reflect I was really grateful for the opportunity to get clothes at an affordable price, but it also instilled in me a belief, I had to find a bargain item.

I became uncomfortable with buying at full price or shopping in a store other than a retail outlet.

As I have matured and being more focused on self-development I realise how I was sabotaging my own self-worth and how my perception of being deserving of luxury items had been distorted.

To change my thinking, I needed to be more comfortable with owning luxury items.

First I acknowledged that material objects are a part of life, but the objects that I choose to use or wear will ultimately affect my comfort, self-image, and overall happiness. The process I use to select and obtain objects will reflect my views about myself.

So my challenge to you is the following…
When you choose objects that make you feel indifferent, you are slighting yourself.
When you choose objects that make you feel joy, you are honouring yourself. And that holds true regardless of brand, prestige, and price.
You deserve good things. And you should let them into your life as often as you can.

Where are you slighting yourself?
What past stories are preventing you from opening yourself up to wanting and feel deserving of more?
Where are you keeping secrets around your desires?

In a notebook, list out your answers to the above over the next few days, and look at ways to turn these habits or decisions around.

The term “Luxury” has evolved amongst today’s generation and the existing definition of luxury is too simple. Instead of focusing on materialism, we are now looking more into experiences, we are no longer looking up to the “Smiths” but instead are focusing on our quality of what life can offer us. We also no longer want to just accept what is available to us, we want to experience, see and understand. We are becoming far more conscious of quality, craftsmanship and culture.

Luxury these days is about experiencing the sweetness of life, the enjoyment of what life has to offer, it’s immersing yourself in beauty, and knowledge in its most inspirational form. Luxury can be the sound of rain on a tin roof. Oh, how I would love a tin roof!!

Luxury should be a gentle reminder to make decisions on choices that bring you the most joy. Don’t default to a mindless purchase, savour your options and feel the rewards of surrounding yourself with more beauty and elegance. These choices do need to be intentional and do need to be sought out.

Your life should not only be lived, but it should also be enjoyed.

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