How to Build a Premium Brand as a Stylist

October 2, 2020

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How to build a premium brand as a Stylist

A premium brand is about being intentional with your initial strategy and the creative brand design process.

It is about taking “what you do” and “how you do it” to an elevated level to create an emotional connection and experience.

It is about focusing with clarity on what your key messaging is and how best you can bring it to life with the thought and care that it deserves. Building an intentional brand is about unearthing renewed focus, creating a vision of where you’re going, defining the steps to get there, and having the right strategy to reach your dream audience.

My story

I have experienced firsthand how overwhelming the process of creating a brand for your business can be! I remember when I first decided to start an online business, and all the mistakes I made to set up my business.

When I decided to take what I loved doing and create an online business six years ago, I neglected the all-important initial steps. Instead of first building a solid foundation by getting absolute clarity with my messaging and the primary struggles my clients were facing, I went straight into the brand design phase. At the time it was all about creating the visually beautiful website.

However, without a compelling message, I was not communicating effectively, and I was not resonating at an emotional level with my ideal clients.

And I’m sure you don’t want to make the same mistakes I did! That is why it is so important to get to know the process you need to take if you’re going to position your brand in a way where your brand speaks directly to the hearts of your ideal clients from the start?

People don’t buy from businesses based on the strength of their visual identity alone, and they purchase products and services because of how a business emotionally connects with their messaging, and how the visuals communicate this.

The thinking behind emotional buying.

Some people will rationalise their decisions with how they make a purchase based on the considerations they earned from other available alternatives.

But realistically, it is their emotions which have influenced and, in many cases, even determined their final choice.

Your clients will primarily use emotions (personal feelings and experiences), rather than information (Features, and facts), when evaluating brands.

Your website is the first contact your client will have with your brand, so it is so essential to create that emotional connection from the get-go.

There are six important elements of an intentional brand.

Your brand should be meaningful, empathetic, purpose-led, authentic, consistent and emotive, and the only way to achieve this is to follow a strategic branding process that addresses these fundamental elements.

Let’s take a closer look at each.

  1. Meaningful

A brand has a more significant impact when it has a strong emotional connection to individual people – when it has meaning. A premium brand is more compelling and more valuable than a brand that isn’t. Emotional responses to brands are more influential on a person’s Spotify promotion intent to buy than the content. People rely on their emotions, rather than information, to make buying decisions.

  1. Empathetic

Empathy is to understand people at a level of emotional truth. It is figuring out what matters most to them. For a brand that wants to matter to people, there is no substitute for empathy.

  1. Purpose-led

When people see that a brand stands for a higher purpose, they pay attention. A purpose-led brand means more to people, and when a brand lives up to its purpose, it can make a world of difference.

  1. Authentic

Authenticity is the defining quality of a brand. It is easier when you know who you are. When a brand rings true, people can not only tell the difference, they can feel it.

  1. Consistent

Even the best brand strategy isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on unless you act on it. Brands are brought to life by behaviour what you say. The way you look. In the realm of consistency, details count. Big things count, little things count and everything in between counts.

  1. Emotive

A brand that’s emotive triggers feelings inspires action, earns loyalty and lifts peoples’ spirits. These premium brands reach a deeper level in people’s hearts and a higher level in their minds. In the pressure-packed business world, it’s important to remember that your brand needs to connect rationally and emotionally. Never overlook the “mind”, but always aim for the “heart”.

My process

The process I use with every new branding project ensures I cover all the essential steps but also addresses the six attributes of an impactful brand.

The process of “Design thinking” which puts it in perspective, where importantly “Empathising with your client” is at the forefront.

I have found this process to be the most helpful way with how I can get my message to really connect with my audience and also inspire me to serve.

The initial brand strategy phase takes into account how to fulfil the first four stages

  1. Empathise
  2. Clarity
  3. Define
  4. Vision

Setting aside the time to develop a premium brand that starts with a strong foundation will give you a strategy to create a system to build and establish market recognition.

Download our Brand Audit Guide to get absolute clarity on how you can stand out and differentiate your brand to be the leader in your market. That’s what creating a premium brand is all about.

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