Personal Brand: Do You Really Need It? This Will Help You Decide!

July 31, 2018

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Personal branding appears to be gaining more and more momentum these days as more and more entrepreneurs decide to move away from the confines of working within a corporate role to rather working for themselves. The lure of “making money online”, and the freedom that comes with working for one’s self, becomes the undeniable “shiny object”.

So why then should we be looking at creating a “Personal Brand”?

Taking your business online is not only a no-brainer, but it offers you the opportunity to position and market your business in a way that can be so powerful. That being said, if you are not positioned as a “standout” leader in your niche, then no matter what your incredible offer or “superpower is, your voice is going to get lost, amongst all the noise of your competitors.

Having a powerful personal brand is about positioning yourself, as a standout leader, where “who you are”, “how you model your work”, your “physical appearance” and your “Voice”, becomes your most powerful asset. Quite simply a Personal brand is “How you package and market yourself as if you are your brand”.

Why did I decide to focus on creating a personal brand?

The journey I have been on over the past few (many) years is now becoming so much clearer for me. I quite clearly was on a “personal branding” quest. It became my top value, to not only research, and grow personally, but to understand myself better with how I could leverage “who I was” in a way that would serve me and others going forward.

What I didn’t understand at the time, was that this “Personal Branding arena” was where I was meant to serve. My personal journey of wanting to be seen, and heard was actually assisting me in a bigger and more powerful way. It had and has become my “Souls purpose”. With every decision I was making, whether it was a blog post, a new e-course, or a new product, I was in effect exploring my personal ability, talents, strengths and capacity with how I could make a difference to others. But the overriding barometer was how I could create a sustainable business that would feel so right and one that would propel me each day into serving, without feeling the drudgery I had felt when I was working for others in corporate.

Historically looking back, my problem was that I was too focused on my journey, and not on serving. The idea of building a business on-line was so attractive, and absolutely still is, but what became of higher importance, was the “foundation of me”, and to be honest I had stagnated on stage 1 of creating a personal brand, that was until I knew better! As they say, “That’s when the penny dropped”, and I understood the meaning behind my actions.

After all this intense personal work, I had in fact spent countless hours researching and exploring what it meant to have a personal brand. A brand that was not only uniquely reflective of the person behind the brand but also one that was uniquely reflective of what “One” had to offer. When you are able to connect with the sweet spot of what this is, it can be incredibly powerful for your business.

I believe that to alter the trajectory of your business it is important to really get clarity with what your personal brand looks and feels like from the start, and to be mindful that when you do this, that at the end of the day no one else but you has the answers.

All the shiny object promises of creating standout brands, will not give you the authentic solution you are looking for!

What these programs should do, is provide you with absolute clarity the steps to achieving the results you are after.

What has clearly stood out for me, is that everything comes back to basics. It is about being able to connect and share a very simple message of who you are, what you believe and what you stand for. After this, it is about projecting your message in a powerful way that connects with your tribe. This should be both verbally and visually.

Once you are able to set yourself apart with a powerful personal brand, it is amazing how much easier it is to operate your business from a position of more ease and flow.

You will have an identity that will mirror your company’s purpose, values and personality. It will be easier to connect with your target market. You will have a powerful tool to sense check all decisions in your business. It will be easier to communicate with more spontaneity and continuity of what your brand is all about.

Building a strong strategic brand will build you a powerful asset – as brands drive business. Once a customer connects with a brand on an emotional level they become brand loyal.

If you are looking to create your “Personal Brand” I have a great tool to start your journey with.

You can download it here. This roadmap will be supported over the next two weeks with videos to help you through each stage.

If you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment below, as I love hearing if this resonated.

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