Do you want to make your mark with the most stylish getaway that yields 5-star reviews and commands repeat visitors booking after booking?

There is a gap in the market for property owners to offer an exceptional getaway!

Every guest deserves to be surprised and delighted with an authentic five-star experience.

I remember our first stay in London!

Oh gosh, the memories are flooding back...

We found what looked like a quaint Georgian townhouse in Nottinghill, only to arrive at a darkly lit, musty-smelling home that still had the owner's clothes and half-used beauty products in the cupboards.

Yes, you guessed it, we immediately made a phone call to get a refund!

It's devastating when you have booked a getaway only to arrive and find…

A mismatched set of old pieces of furniture;
A dated colour scheme;
And a kitchen that has the mere essentials;

So, it got me thinking!




With my 30+ years of renovation, interiors, and brand design skills I will:

Proud Parrot, a consulting and design studio, knows how to create standout five-star getaways.


  • Help to increase the rental yield of your holiday let home, providing you with a better alternative to having long-term tenants.
  • Select the right product or design for your space
  • Create a design concept that differentiates you and increases your returns on your listing.
  • Ensure you have a vision that caters to your target audience.
  • Turn your concept into a reality and attract high-quality tenants. 
  • Guide you with the photos you need to represent your letting so you make a lasting impression. 
  • Create a furnished home away from home that is inviting.
  • Help you to face the challenges of bringing schemes to life.
  • I will work in partnership with you from conception to completion.

And to top it all off! Transform the longevity of your business.

Because, It's not just the Egyptian cotton sheets with the 1000 thread count!

Instead, imagine creating the feeling of night time that has a sense of place. The rich, seamless arrangements of one-of-a-kind objects. The positioning of the pictures on the wall and the softness of how the lamp glows.

Beyond quality, it must have personality. A sense of humour. It must be homely.
The quicker you receive 5-star reviews, the easier it'll be to charge premium rates.
I can help you make your mark within the UK holiday home market.

Concept Design, Spatial Planning, Furniture selections, Elevations, Renderings, and Colour palette that connects with your brand elements.

Create Mood boards, Space Planning and Brand Identity.

How to use your new brand with confidence and A Guest Book that leaves a lasting impression.

Determine your Interior goals and define a rock-solid brand statement.

Installation of furnishings and finishing touches ensuring the ultimate experience is created at every touch point.






What is included


Are you ready to receive 5-star reviews, and charge premium rates?

Why does design cost so much?
Without a well-thought-out, intentional, and aligned vision you will never connect with your ideal clients. Plus, I am fantastic at what I do, as an experienced creative I will make this process super smooth and worthwhile for you.
What if what I am after is slightly different?
No worries. If you need a custom quote for a unique project, email me here:
What sort of payment plan do you offer?
A deposit of 30% is required prior to starting your project. The remaining balance will be made over two payments via bank deposit or PayPal (there is a 3% fee for this). However, this is also dependent on the scope and detail of your project.

What is the process?
Once we have talked dollars and you are happy with your quote, we will send over a design proposal that includes a deposit invoice and a proposed project timeline. Once you have paid your deposit, we will spend some time getting to know you and your business better.

How long will the process take?
Each job is different. If you have a deadline in mind, please let me know at the beginning of the process and I will let you know if it is achievable. When we start working together, I will send you a design proposal that outlines your project timeline so you know when you can expect to hear from me and when I expect to hear from you.
The investment seems high?
I totally get it. Investing in anything can feel worrying. What I would invite you to think about is how quickly you will recoup the investment after you are fully booked. On average calculations, if you are charging out one room at £200 a night, you can expect to pay off your investment in 7 weeks.
Can we talk on the phone to see if we connect before I commit?
Sure, if you love the look of my work and are happy with my pricing feel free to send me an email to tee up a time to have a quick chat.
Do you work with clients worldwide?
Yes, I am happy to look at what is involved and advise accordingly.

I will work in partnership with you from conception to completion or at any stage of your project.

Send me an email & we can lock inLETS Schedule A TIME TO CHAT 

OK, I am ready!
What do I do next?

I care about how you can evoke an emotional connection with your guests!

- Vanessa Johnson, Styleness

Julia seemed to know exactly what was in my head and to help me then deliver it to paper, ultimately resulting in a beautiful refined brand that speaks to our target markets in so many more ways than just with words.

I found Julia to be extremely intuitive.

kind words

Fiona Humberstone - Fiona Humberstone Elevate Program 2019

“It’s been such a pleasure to work with you Julia. Your commitment to excellence, your hard work and your resilience have been seriously inspiring.”

Kind Words


I can highly recommend Julia for your brand design project. She has presented several webinars with relation to branding, which have been very useful and engaging. By getting business owners to focus on their values and the emotions behind their brand, and articulating what feelings their brand should evoke and should not, she gets right to the heart. From that foundation, Julia is then able to design evocative logos, colour palettes, and styles that highlight the feeling of a brand. Her work speaks for itself; timeless branding and design.

Davina Borrow-Jones- Lawyer

Kind Words


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