Show up with more energy and passion, or the alternative could mean…?

February 7, 2018

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Show up with more energy and passion, or the alternative could mean…? Go back and get a job, stay at home and get over yourself, or it could even mean that you may as well hand over your decisions to others and allow others to take away the control of your happiness?

Whatever this may mean for you right now, it clearly is a topic worth exploring and if you are reading this it is evidently something you are looking to understand better, so you can make whatever changes you need to be happier and have more abundance in your life?

At first, when I decided to make this the most important point with everything I communicated within my business, I questioned the impact it would have? But then the more I explored what it meant to me, the more I realised the importance it had for me and why I chose just this one sentence as a headline focus!

Having energy and passion is a direct response to our attitude and our beliefs. It is indicative of our thoughts and our current reality. When we can be present and exude positive energy and passion it is possible to not only lift the spirits of everyone around us, but it is possible to attract more of what we want into our lives.

Having positive energy can be contagious, its effect can rub off onto others and they in-turn want what we have. Our lives are filled with choices and who we are is determined by the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

“Being a positive energizer, you will be energizing yourself in a positive way. You will feel more positive and more alive, you will have stronger and healthier relationships, you will be viewed as a leader, you will experience a variety of health benefits, and you will feel more blessed in life.” Ilane lanzen

Below are 4 steps you can start taking that will help you with making some changes to show up with more energy and passion!

1. What is your current reality that is holding you back?

Knowing where you are at this present point, and what you want to change, will give you a starting point to work from, for example, if you have a business, here are some things I think I know a bit you!

  • You’re smart, determined, and have incredible work to share in the world.
  • But in your business, you’ve been focusing on putting in place all the foundational pieces, and you’re now feeling stuck, possibly low on energy and despondent that all the hard work you’ve been doing has been a waste of time.
  • You used to be happy and free, but somewhere along your road to success you lost yourself and now feel a disconnect and lack of alignment with who you are and how you want to show up in your business.
  • Thoughts of doubt still take you out of the game despite all the work you’ve done on your mindset, and you find yourself self-sabotaging over-and-over again.

Using my above example think about what you would like to change, it doesn’t have to be business-related?

2. Embrace showing up with all your senses and do not hold back your emotions.

“Those who live passionately teach us how to love. Those who love passionately teach us how to live.” — Sarah Ban Breathnach

Take a moment to feel what emotion you are holding onto right now. Negative emotions have the potential to take over our body and in a short amount of time can take us away from connecting in an authentic and energetic way. Be ok, with expressing your emotions and seeing where they take you? Find someone you trust and share your thoughts. Process them, then let them go!

A great book worth reading is “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman. He talks about our ability to manage our emotions as a strong precursor to long term wellbeing and success.

3. Find what you love doing and do it!

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you” Oprah

There are going to be aspects of our lives where we have resistance to what we are doing and we will find excuses with why we cannot do what deeply resonates with what we desire. There are going to be all sorts of distractions that will pull us away from bringing more of what we love into our lives, so unless we prioritise what changes we want to make, we are going to sit with the same excuses year in and year out.

Find a journal and make this your starting point. Feel into how you are feeling and make a note of what your intuition is telling you.

4. Release expectations and bring your whole self into what you do!

I love this one, this is when I felt my energy shifting. When I decided to connect more with where I was at in my life and move in a direction that I felt more aligned with, only was I then able to release past expectations I had held of myself.

I was always living for the future, always trying to prepare myself for “What if…”, I was held captive by the little voice that would always make me second guess every decision I was making. I was making my decisions based on fear and what others expected of me. To change this I started connecting more with my heart and less with my head.

Try making room for the new, and release the tired, old programs, perspectives, beliefs and outdated programmes which no longer serve your potential and inner growth. This is not something that will happen overnight, give yourself at least 30 days before you start looking for changes to happen.

Call to Action

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