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For the past three decades, I've immersed myself in the dynamic realms of Design and Property. My journey began in fashion, crafting ranges for iconic labels like Pierre Cardin, Patrick Ewing, and the New York Knicks. From midnight explorations of high streets in Milan, Paris, and Las Vegas to visiting global Fashion fairs, my focus was on clothing design, brand creation, and impactful marketing materials.

Settling into married life sparked a passion for beautiful interiors, prompting a transition to interior design after a year of dedicated study. In 2003, a significant life decision led us to Australia from South Africa, seeking stability and safety. Embracing this change, I delved into the world of colour and design, earning accolades such as the "Winner of the Australasian Student Design Awards" [ASDA] and an "Outstanding Achievement award for interior design" from the CATC Design Awards.

A shift in pace led me to manage an interior design department within a college, overseeing the development of online courses. Three years later, I ventured into property styling, faced with the choice of scaling up with a warehouse or embracing location independence. Opting for flexibility, I launched two interior e-courses.

Driven by my design instincts, I revisited brand design, enhancing my skills through continuous learning and mentoring, leading to successful client engagements. More recently, our son's pursuit of his dream in the United States prompted reevaluating our path. Armed with British passports and a love for the people, we relocated to the UK in 2021, fulfilling our dream of residing in the English countryside and being closer to Luke.

 Passionate about creating beautiful guest retreat spaces.


Julia Cartwright

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