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I help with the knowledge and design advice to create gorgeous holiday retreats that offer a one-of-a-kind experience.

Interiors and branding are a key part of what I do; whether your getaway is an extension of your home space, a country holiday getaway, or a pub with rooms, I can help get your ideas from a pipe dream to a thriving business.

From the first view of the getaway as a brand to the lasting impression the interior space leaves. Each detail is carefully considered and thoughtfully resolved.

I have personally bought and sold numerous properties generating renovation profits of over £2million. My biggest win comes with selling our last property, netting a 100% return within two years and AUD$ 2.3 million in profit.

A recent decision to stay in only holiday accommodation for the past 18 months has highlighted property owners' tremendous opportunity to create beautiful, authentic stays that provide a fantastic experience for their guests.

"From Airbnb home-stays to boutique 5-star getaways, some properties I stayed in were head and shoulders above others yet charged similar rates.

The holiday rental space is evolving. Your guests want more than a bed and a roof over their heads. They want to feel surprised and delighted. They don't want to feel that their home is more luxurious than the overpriced getaway they have escaped to.

Creating a standout getaway is NOT about fitting standard pieces of furniture into a space with a mismatched set of curtains... It's about creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

I will partner with you from conception to completion or in an advisory role, whether it's creating the initial plan, designing the concept, or positioning your getaway as the place to book.

Founder, Designer, Certified Coat Person. Passionate about creating beautiful spaces.


Hi, I'm
Julia Cartwright

For the past 30 years, I have immersed myself in the Design and Property world, first clothes and product design, then homes and brand design.

My one consistent has been a desire to live and surround myself with more meaning, beauty, and style.

My design training began with fashion and designing ranges that included labels such as Pierre Cardin, Patrick Ewing, and the New York Knicks.

My focus was on clothing design, brand creation, and marketing materials; to do this, I went on exciting trips to the Fashion fairs around the world. Milan, Paris, Las Vegas, I would fly in at 11 pm, explore the high streets and fairs and hop back on a flight the next day.

When home life was more settled, and now married, furnishing my home ignited my love for beautiful interiors. So, after a year of study, I transitioned into working as an interior designer and opening my own business.

Then, in 2003, we made the decision to move to Australia from South Africa to a life that offered more stability and safety.

I took this opportunity to immerse myself in the study world, furthering my knowledge of colour and design and gained recognition as a "Winner of the Australasian Student Design Awards" [ASDA] and an "Outstanding Achievement award for interior design" from the CATC Design Awards

A change in pace led to a position within an interior design college, managing the interior design department and the development of their new online interior design courses.

Three years on, I left and started a Property styling business. As the business grew, the decision was whether to buy a warehouse and scale the company or opt for a location-independent business that gave us flexibility. I opted for the latter and launched two interior e-courses.

My design side beckoned, so I revisited my brand design and elevated my skills through learning and mentoring before taking on clients.

More recently, our son, now 25, decided to follow his dream and go and live in the United States, so it prompted us to rethink our next steps. Having British passports and a love of the British people, we chose to relocate to the UK in 2021 to follow our dream of living in the English countryside and to be closer to Luke.

I take the time to craft an exquisite service with personal touches. I constantly elevate my skills so that I can take everything to the next level with simple sophistication. I am focused on creating beautiful and thoughtfully created designs.

Thoughtfully Curated

what I value


I will go the extra mile to help you to feel valued and involved. It's about human to human connection, in an authentic and genuine way. Being relatable, and sharing our stories. Through great communication we enjoy great relationships and get the best results. 

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