3 Topics I Am Exploring As A Vacation Rental Consultant & Designer

Vacation Rental Designer

Three topics I am actively thinking about sharing in my writing.

#1: Staying in 40-holiday Vacation Rentals for a full 18 months.

In our search for the perfect home here in the Cotswolds, UK, my husband and I decided to shed the shackles of having a home to sell and remain flexible. So we elected to stay solely in holiday accommodation for 18 months. My work in creating stylish getaways made the decision that much easier. What I learned and want to share going forward with my writing is the enormous opportunity Property owners have to create an incredible “Getaway” that offers a fantastic experience.

#2: Interior design for Vacation Rentals

As an interior designer with twenty + years of experience, I first got interested in Getaway design (Vacation Rental Design) after staying at numerous getaways and my love of travel. I remember our first stay in London! We found what looked like a quaint Georgian townhouse in Notting Hill, only to arrive at a darkly lit, musty-smelling home with the owner’s clothes and half-used beauty products in the cupboards. Imagine your guests feeling their home is more luxurious than your overpriced getaway. It’s devastating when you have booked a “Getaway” only to arrive and find:

  • A mismatched set of old pieces of furniture;
  • A dated colour scheme;
  • And a kitchen that has the mere essentials.

There is a gap in the market for property owners to offer an unforgettable Vacation Rental because every guest deserves to be surprised and delighted with an authentic five-star experience.

#3: Branding for Vacation Rentals

Branding has formed a large part of what I do, and intentional branding is paramount to positioning your Vacation Rental to stand out in a way that gets you remembered!

It would be great to connect with other people interested in these same topics—so if any of the above resonates, feel free to reach out!

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