The Best Ways To Differentiate Your Vacation Rental

Vacation Rental Design

How we travel is changing, and so is how we choose our Vacation Rentals. We are now seeking more profound, more intimate travel experiences that are more curated.

Positioning your Vacation Rental to stand out and claim the competitive edge is not about fitting standard pieces of furniture into a space with a mismatched set of curtains…

It’s about creating an unforgettable sensory experience.

So, if you want your guests to go out of their way to ensure they get a booking at your getaway, here are some often-overlooked ways:

It must have personality. A sense of humour. It must be homely.


Start by reflecting on your property’s location or look at a passion of yours that you think the kind of guest you want to attract will appreciate. Creating personality is about telling a story in a way that feels exciting and uplifting. An example of a country cottage that embraces its beautiful surroundings and incorporates beautiful vintage ware with antique furnishings. A set of beautifully framed vintage posters suggests creativity and an eye for detail, but be careful not to go too cliché.

A sense of humour

Humour in design will lift your getaway from stylish to memorable. Without humour, it becomes flat and uninteresting. We find humour in the unexpected by playing with scale, style or surprise in furniture, fixtures, artwork and accessories. An unexpected introduction of a bright outdoor yellow bench indoors or using a bicycle as a bathroom vanity base makes a design so memorable.

Cosy home-like ambience

Simple touches can make your space feel more personal, mainly when those accents reflect what you care about most. However, making it feel a little less perfect will humanizes the space. It’s the little things—perhaps something just slightly out of place. It should feel cared for and loved.

In short, it should be designed for the comfort of the niche you have in mind.

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