5 ways you can reinvent your brand

If you do not set yourself as a standout brand leader in your niche, no matter what your incredible offer or superpower is, your voice will get lost amongst all the noise of your competitors.

If you want your business to stand out, then your decision to create a powerful brand where you package and market yourself is something you cannot ignore.

So, let’s take this a bit deeper…

To help you envisage how you can create a vision for “Your brand”, I want to talk about my experience with stepping into my brand.

If I think about the journey I have been on over the past few years. Unknowingly I quite simply was on a “personal branding” quest. Growth and exploration became my top value. I wanted to research, grow personally, and understand myself better with how I could leverage “who I was” in a way that would fulfil me and serve others going forward.

My journey with being seen and heard assisted me in a bigger and more powerful way as it helped me shape my purpose. With every decision, whether a blog post, a new e-course, or a new product, I explored my ability, talents, strengths and capacity to make a difference to others.

It’s helpful to look at your journey to see what it can teach you. Your journey is more than a story. Your journey is a culmination of years spent doing things you have either loved, disliked, been confronted with or learnt. 

But the overriding barometer was how I could create a sustainable business that would feel right and propel me each day into serving without feeling the drudgery I had felt when working for others in corporate.

It is on reflection that your sweet spot will ultimately shine a bright light on you. Your sweet spot and your journey will help you narrow your vision with how you see your potential and help you refine what you do.

So, let’s look briefly at how you can do this.

1. Your Passions

To clarify your passions, write down everything you LOVE to do.

Start by looking at your hobbies and interests – for example, do you love to read travel blogs or take photographs?

Look at your list and with each, ask yourself

  • What am I doing specifically?
  • What am I feeling?
  • What am I thinking?

Look for a pattern or theme to get closer to your passion.

2. Your Gifts

Your gifts are different from your skills. Skills are what you have learned to do or develop.

On the other hand, gifts are qualities in you that you are born with, things that come so easily and naturally that you often don’t see them. 

Journal what these may be. Or asks some friends?

3. Community!

Look at how you can make a contribution and connection. Your life has prepared you for this moment. The path, the lessons you have learnt, and the values you hold will support you perfectly in helping and sharing with a specific community or tribe.

After you have written your ideas down, look at what stands out.

Historically, my problem was that I was too focused on my journey, not serving.

The idea of building a business online was so attractive, and still is, but what became of higher importance was “creating an identity” through my business until the penny dropped”, and I understood the meaning behind my actions.

After all this personal work, I spent countless hours researching and exploring what it meant to have a brand. A brand that was not only uniquely reflective of the person behind the brand but also uniquely reflective of what “I” had to offer. When you can connect with your sweet spot and your journey, it can be very compelling for your business.

4. Model your work?

Through clarity, you will know how you want to make a difference.

You will know how you will help your clients get their desired results.

To model your work, you must demonstrate your expertise and abilities and always give your clients what they first want but ultimately need.

It starts with:

  • Focusing on your unique superpower and building credibility with your tribe.
  • Ensure you have the right messaging that is directed at your ideal client.
  • Creating a visual identity, which is your brand’s style.

5. Voice

What has stood out for me is that everything eventually returns to basics. It is about connecting and sharing a straightforward message of who you are, what you believe and what you stand for.

After this, it is about projecting your message in a powerful way that connects with your tribe.

Your brand represents your “Voice” through brand visuals, carefully selected wording, and colours. 

Your brand will become your spokesperson.

Imagine going up on stage and speaking. How you present yourself is how others are going to perceive you.

Think about how you want to be perceived.

Once you can set yourself apart with a powerful brand, it is incredible how much easier it is to operate your business from a position of more ease and flow.

You will have an identity that will mirror your company’s purpose, values and personality. It will be easier to connect with your target market.

You will have a powerful tool to sense check all decisions in your business. It will be easier to communicate with more spontaneity and continuity of what your brand is all about.

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