How to win clients and influence markets

Brand building

Short of clients? All too often it is not about what you have to offer it is about how you are positioning yourself and the message you are communicating.

Getting to grips with your brand’s uniqueness can be all-consuming. But the importance of getting clarity with where you can make a difference is vital to the growth of your business.

It’s time to stop holding onto what is not serving you, and it’s time to position your business more intentionally. 

Once you start getting in touch with your business’s Superpower and figuring out how to own it, it’s time to go all-in as the expert you are.

What is your brand archetype?

Understanding your brand’s archetype and the qualities of your archetype will help you to understand your brand better.

If you don’t know what it is, you can google “brand archetype quiz”, and you will have a couple to choose from.

Finding out which archetype your brand is will give it more clarity with what personality you are aiming to reflect within your brand and how it fits within the competitive landscape. You will also better understand the colours and the feel of your brand.

What is the difference you provide?

It would help if you considered how you could define your unique blend in 4-5 words. Be creative and brainstorm some words.

Think about how you would like your brand to look and feel. i.e. warm, engaging, innovative

It can be through words, images, designs or the experience you offer.

What is one quality you wish would rub off on everyone who interacted with your brand? What would it be?

Refer to your brand’s archetype to help you.

Check where you stand with being credible.

What trait separates successful entrepreneurs from those that fade into the distance? “Credibility”

Think about what makes your business credible. The training you have invested in, your experience, customer reviews, and features in magazines? Your story, the turning point, what worked, and what didn’t? Collect testimonials.

What brand personality characteristics make you credible? One thing that will kill credibility instantly is dishonesty. Ask for endorsements.

Approach everything you do with conviction and confidence.

What is your brand’s story?

Think about your journey and the network of stories that brought your business to this point. Look at your positioning and the result you are promising your clients. Pick out one story that positions you as an authority.

What were the major turning points in the history of your business that you want your audience to be aware of? And how did these turning points positively affect your customers? You can also consider the mark you want to leave on the world. 

Keep your story simple. You can record it and listen to it. What emotions are stirred up in you when you listen to your story?

Who are your dream clients

Look at what you want to offer and make sure you have clarity with who your dream clients are.

Create a robust client profile. You don’t need to be all things to all people.

Create your muse of your ideal client (someone who is a source of inspiration). Are you clear about what your clients are buying? What emotional buttons do you press? 

Once you can visualise your ideal customer, everything becomes easier, from copy to how you structure your website or style your photos.

What needs to change?

Now that you have more clarity, what would you change?

Think about how others will view you and your business. 

Is there anything that needs to change with your copy?

Are you being recommended for the right reasons? 

What services do not play to your strengths? 

Often profitability will determine this for you. 

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