Craft your message to market

Brand Message

Your message will attract your ideal clients, so it is essential that you craft a well-thought-out and targeted message that will communicate whom you are going to help and how.

It sounds simple, but it can be the one step to throw the cat amongst the pigeons. Simply put, your marketing message is what you say to your audience when you sell them what you do. 

Your message has the ultimate power to influence and persuade your clients to want to know and hear more from you. It has to prompt an emotional response.

Let’s look at how you can create your unique message!

Your Ideal Client 

Your first step is to identify your ideal client, one of the essential pieces of marketing advice you will get. 

What can you do for them that will enrich their lives?

What will contribute to their success either now or in the future?

Get specific. Who will you serve – Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Families…?

It would be best if you also looked at what stage they are at. 

Your number of offers will determine how many clients you focus on.

Your Clients struggles 

To write your messaging, let’s start with your clients’ struggles and look at how you can solve these.

Selling is about solving customer problems.

Identify what problems your clients have that need to be solved. Start reaching out to your ideal clients, and ask them questions about their struggles. Get clear with the problem, and then look at it from the customer’s point of view. Now, look at whether you can solve these problems conveniently, cost-effectively, or timely.

An important point to remember is that you cannot solve your customer’s problems by presenting your products. Find the most pressing issue, and ask them what is leading them to experience this problem.?

Analyse the problem by looking at the following:

  • What is the frequency of the problem?
  • Severity?
  • What are particular circumstances present?
  • Does the duration impact your solution? Has it gotten worse?
  • Is the problem affecting other processes or people?

It is helpful to look at their struggles, switch them around, and see what they want. What are the benefits?

You sell your clients what they WANT, but give them what they NEED!

Feelings you want your clients to experience? 

What feeling do you want to leave your clients after they have worked with you? 

  • Think of the customer touchpoints during the sales process and after they have purchased from you.
  • Think of the feelings you want your ideal clients to have when they discover you.
  • What will people say about you after they have purchased from you?

Your “WHY” and your “BELIEFS” 

  • Think about your big “Why”? Why are you in business?
  • What do you want for yourself, your family and your customers?
  • Think about the spark that ignited your decision to start a business. 
  • What will keep it burning?

Be true to yourself and the future you want. Your beliefs or principles are equally important.

Craft your message

Now create a powerful, profound message that you don’t need to consider marketing.

Put the customer at the forefront and ensure they can see your value. What message do you want to send out and be known for? Your Unique Positioning is like a UVP or USP but with even more magic. (Values, purpose, struggles, desires).

Use the following template for how to craft your message. My name is ____________, and I believe _______. I help___________ to_______ so they ___________ and __________.

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