7 simple things to do every day to be happy

January 25, 2015

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I’m an interior designer, but my business isn’t about creating beautiful spaces. Well, I should clarify that: it’s not just about creating beautiful spaces. My work is actually about creating spaces that feel awesome for you to live in, while also looking gorgeous. To me, how you want to feel is the most important factor in the design process. And for me, one of the biggest feelings that I am seeking to embody in my life is happiness. I don’t always get it right, but here are 7 habits that make me infinitely happier each day.

1. Exercising First thing

I love an early start…. I love the feeling you get after a good workout. It sets me up mentally for the rest of the day and takes away the guilt about worrying about when to fit in my exercise. I like to vary my training, so on a Monday and Wednesday, I have a personal trainer and do a 30min weights session. The other days are a mix of training in the gym on my own, or a walk and a boxing session on Saturday mornings. I have to admit my motivation has been at an all-time low lately (end of the year), so for me to make sure I am not thrown off track, I decided to get some help in the way of a personal trainer, which has made a big difference.

2. Gratitude

It can be a simple thought…. Often we are on a schedule as soon as our alarm clocks go off, and the first thought that pops into our heads could be the one that involves an activity we are least looking forward to for the day. I have found that a simple habit of focusing on something or someone and showing gratitude has helped me relax more into starting my day on a happier note. It is amazing how that initial negative thought suddenly becomes less significant.

3. My pooches Baxter & Robbie….

Waking up to 2 excited little dogs that are so happy to see you! As soon as the light sneaks through the curtains, I have Baxter coming into the room asking if he can sneak under the duvet. I am a bit soft with him. Sometimes I do pretend I am fast asleep if I want to sleep in and he will reluctantly turn around and leave the room, his head drooping with disappointment.

4. Clutter-free

Clear away the night before…. I love to be organised, and if I am waking up to a bedroom that is messy, or a kitchen with unwashed dishes, I know I am going to have to work extra hard to get myself into the right headspace of feeling energised and motivated for the day. And yes I can be grumpy and not so nice to be around. (I admit to this one). This year has been a challenge with maintaining this one). We have moved into a new home that needed a complete renovation. There have been days (many) when I have had to prioritise what was important and be ok with letting this one slide. A massive challenge for me!

5. Healthy food

Eating for energy and health…. I love to eat healthy!!! I do find multitasking, with working from home running a business, school lifts and keeping the house tidy can be mentally exhausting, and then to cook a healthy dinner that tastes appetising another challenge. It is however a challenge I am determined to overcome. I suffer from numerous allergies, one being gluten and find my diet becoming more and more the first priority. This is a topic on its own, but my focus is on clean eating, and I am following more of a Paleo-inspired way of eating. If I feel good, I am happier and better to hang out with.

6. Relationships

Surrounding myself with likeminded people…. In my past life, I was a people pleaser. That will never happen again! I have learned the hard way. I am still working on this all the time and will always be, but have over the past year met some incredible, amazing people. Did I say “amazing”! Life is too short to be surrounded by critics who know better. I believe it is so important to nurture and build on these relationships with the people who have seen every side of you and are still excited to spend time with you. A phone call, a coffee date….. To let those special people know you care. I am a different person when I have gone out and made a meaningful connection.

7. Family

Encouraging happiness…. This is a deal-breaker. It is so important to me that my family is happy, and sometimes I can take this part a bit too seriously. In reality, we can’t all be happy all of the time. I am passionate about encouraging my family to grow personally and follow their passions. If we are challenging ourselves, we are growing individually and living authentically, and this means giving everyone their own space to be who they are. It took me a long time to get in touch with my own authenticity (Without being cliché), and I am still on this journey. I am a “Sensitive type” and do pick up on all and everyone’s emotions. Being supportive rather than getting annoyed, allows me to fully take responsibility for my own happiness.

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