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July 13, 2018

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It’s no secret that if you’re a business owner, then you want to grow the value of your brand by reinforcing its focus and the impact it will make on your market. 

You are probably becoming more aware of the importance of how having a website that you can be proud of, and a brand style guide that’s more than smart is vital for your future growth. 

Problem is, achieving a brand identity that has the power to attract, engage and compel people to do business with you has probably eluded you up until now. You may only now be feeling the change of wind with how your customers are making decisions.

So let me make this very easy on you!

If you want to get noticed in an overcrowded market; and put an end to battling to get your clients to take you seriously and pay what you’re worth, then the very best way to do this is by creating something that genuinely reflects what you’re about, that connects with people emotionally and that makes your business “a business that can’t be ignored”.

It is important to create an emotional connection between you, your business and your customer, and once you have this clarity deciding on branding elements is that much easier.

You want to be able to design your brand so that it effectively communicates your values, so you attract the right customer. Your customer will make a decision with their heart, so there has to be an emotional message that resonates. It may be tempting to recreate your brand off an already created template, but you are wasting your time, and the end result, will be like every other competing brand out there.

To get the brand identity you want to, USE THE FOLLOWING STEPS as outlined below as a guide.

Stage 1 – Determine your creative direction with a mood board

  1. Get clear with your business’s aspirations
  2. Take into account the values that you want to depict.
  3. Get absolute clarity with your personal and business essence, this will form your brand’s personality.
  4. Look for 3 words that describe your dominant brand style
  5. Source inspiration
  6. Look at colour psychology to determine your colour choices
  7. Fine-tune your vision
  8. Create a mood board. I used and one of the standard layout templates

Example Mood Board

Stage 2 – Create your Brand Style Board

  1. Create your logo, logo variation and sub-mark
  2. Select your 2 dominant fonts
  3. Select patterns and textures
  4. Look at illustrations and photographs, to give you your photoshoot direction
  5. Create a style board

Example Brand Style Board

So, what is the importance of making sure you do not leave out stage 1?

Simple: If you do not take the time to understand the emotional connection you want to evoke in your brand that authentically represents your values, talents and aspirations then you are going to end up disappointed.

Creating all the elements together as a “Style board”, will give you the clarity to move forward with creating a standout website and marketing materials that you can be proud of.

Using the above Mood and Style Board, I then started designing the draft layout for my website home page. I used for this as well.

Example Draft of the Home page for my website

If you have any questions with how to achieve the above result, please comment below?

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