Interested In Marketing a Luxury Rental

Luxury Vacation Rental

If you are at all interested in how to market a Luxury Vacation Rental, then you need to clear your calendar and read the following:

Lodgify has been a great resource, and I have continually picked up great ideas from their content. One blog that stood out is 10 Tips for Marketing a Luxury Vacation Rental.


And here are some of the takeaways:

  • Reason #1: Focus on the Guest experience
    Give your guests the tools to enjoy and build moments at your property, transforming the experience from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Reason #2: Be exclusive 
    Your marketing should exude a sense of uniqueness that appeals to the top 1%.
  • Reason #3: Offer A personalised approach
    High-End guests typically work with a travel coordinator. Find out what your guests would like to have included in their stay. If not through the guests, can you contact the coordinator?
  • Reason #4: Be visible
    Consider partnering with travel influencers who can get your brand off the ground.
  • Reason #5: Expand your market
    Nowadays, the high-end luxury market is broader than the more affluent spenders. There is a growing demand from other spenders who are willing to splurge. The list may surprise you.
  • Reason #6: Invest in high-quality photography
    A non-negotiable for luxury property rentals. Ensure you get the best advice on preparing your property for photos.
  • Reason #7: Don’t hold back on the interior design 
    A beautifully designed interior with luxury furnishings is a must-have for your guests and your photographs. Your target audience will dictate the style to go in.
  • Reason #8: An informative “Welcome Guide“.
    The paper “Welcome guide” has evolved. Think about having an iPad as an alternative. Otherwise, make sure to include the presentation of a beautifully branded guide.


The needs and expectations of running a luxury vacation rental vary significantly from its general short-term rental counterparts.


Luxury vacation Rental consulting includes owners and, frequently, travellers.


These consultants can help you tap into your target audience because they know the clientele well and often work alongside them.

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