I’ve used the story led framework in all my design work.

story led framework

As a follow-on to my previous post about the story led framework, I talk about how this approach can add personalisation to your space. More importantly, it’s a powerful business tool! This is a skill that every “vacation rental” business building a powerful and lasting brand should master.

It’s a skill I have unknowingly been practising and refining for the past thirty + years. Looking back, I can see how the storytelling thread was developing.


Fashion Design

A while back, I created a menswear Brand called “Tribeca”. It was a streetwear brand that took its influences from the New York Tribeca district. Researching the history, I created fabrics, prints and branded items to tell a story of the district and the creatives that gave the area its vibrancy.


Branding books I read

“Building a StoryBrand” – Is about “Clarifying Your Message So Customers Will Listen” By Donald Miller. The first step is to always start with your audience as the hero.


Learning Brand design

And understanding the importance of creating an intentional vision that considers strategy as the first step.


Here is a simple framework for understanding the storytelling process better.

It’s about evoking a mood.

Think about:


#1 Being intentional

The intent must be crystal clear and communicated meaningfully to create an experience to support the vision.


#2 Recognise Intuition

When you can move forward on a thought without the need to think about it or use reason, you can create ideas that have an original and emotional feeling that adds strength to the story.


#3 What is needed?

Functionality must be addressed as part of how the story is conveyed. Scale is imperative.

“Quieter details are necessary to ground bigger voices and allow statement pieces to shine”
Kelly Wearstler


#4 What is desired?

Preferences that cover different aspects: form, materials, and style, to colour.


#5 Who are you?

What is essential to your lifestyle that you would like to introduce into the design that will benefit the overall feel?


#6 Delivery

What story do you want to tell, and how do you want your guests to feel?

Are you unsure what process to take and what the first step is? Find out more HERE

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