What All Successful Vacation Rentals Have In Common

Most successful vacation rentals

Most successful vacation rentals share the same handful of things in common:

  • They know who their target audience is.
  • They have designed the interior around the functionality of the space.
  • They have included some unexpected standout features, such as a hot tub or a comfortable window seat.
  • They focus on making every detail count by paying particular attention to soft decoration touches, tableware, accessories and toiletries.

But in particular, when it comes to creating an exceptional Getaway experience, I have noticed that the most standout feature is when they:


Successful Vacation Rentals take a Storytelling approach. 

And here’s why:

While practical considerations in a getaway renovation are fundamentally important, a storytelling approach can add personalisation to your space.

More often than not, designs are driven by aesthetics and functionality needs, which results in a space needing more personality and warmth.

Through storytelling, you can develop ideas and meaningful experiences that create uniqueness and a new perspective.

“Kelly Wearstler”

For me, designing is storytelling – mixing raw with refined, high and low, vintage and modern, patterns, textures and colours in a signature way.  

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