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The 1 Reason I Found Property Investors Fail

January 18, 2023

Filed in: Branding, Design

The 1 Reason I Found Property Investors Fail At Creating A Vacation Rental That Gets 5-Star Reviews.


For the past 18 months, I have stayed in over 40 vacation rentals.


What stood out is that property investors who wanted to achieve a 5-star rating ended up failing because they were:

Focusing more on accessibility and the position than on the attention they gave to the needs of their guests.

Relying on the position and what the area offers is a great starting point for any property investor! However, a deeper understanding of their guests is needed, who do not want an overpriced rental where their home offers a more luxurious experience.


Here are some of the other reasons I’ve learned why vacation rentals fail:


Reason #1: 

They do not have clarity about the type of guests they want to attract.

Reason #2: 

They don’t have a “Welcome Guide” with essential information, such as the wi-fi password.

Reason #3: 

They do not carry out regular Property maintenance and ignore guest feedback.


Overcoming these steps is crucial to succeeding in a competitive environment, moving forward, and making actionable progress.


Getting to 5 stars is the only way your vacation rental will be fully booked and succeed.

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